Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Honored

This picture is of me at 5 years old in my Roy Rogers outfit.
The Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association March 2010 Newsletter BARBWIRE DISPATCH publish a poem l wrote, inspired by the closing of The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, l don't write poems and this is the first time l have had one publish.
Thanks to Editor, Judy Dalgliesh and the A.C.P.A. for what l consider a BIG HONOR.

For My Hero
I was a Cowboy when Roy Rogers was on T.V.
He'd ride Trigger,while l rode my Daddy's knee,
It only took us a half hour to round up the bad guys,
Then we'd sing "Happy Trails " under Western Skies.
He gave us the Rider's Rules so we'd grow up right,
And had bed sheets that we could dream on at night,
Well they have had to close down the Museum,
And Roy,Trigger and Dale have all rode away,
But because he called me a little Wrangler,
That's what l'll proudly be until my dying day.